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Shared Expense/Semi-Private Fishing Charters In Orange Beach, Alabama

Shared expense or semi-private fishing charters are when you and your group are put together with another person or group in order to get a larger group together to go fishing.

Our charter booking office takes phone calls daily and we create an Orange Beach walk on charter list for upcoming deep sea fishing trips. Our goal is to get everyone fishing and make everyone happy. When you call us, you need to tell us the following so we may better serve you:

  • What you want to do and how many people are in your group.
  • We also need to know what dates you are available to fish.
  • Do you want to go on the party boat, a six passenger boat or a multi-passenger boat or does it matter which type of boat, as long as you get to go fishing.
  • How long do you want to fish? 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours as well as multi-day trips are your choices. You may request a 12 hour, but if we get more people wanting a 6 hour trip, we will ask you if you want to join the 6 hour group or would you like to wait until you get enough for a 12 hour. There are more people who want 6 and 8 hour trips. The longer the trip, the longer you may need to wait until we get a big enough group together to get you fishing. Summer months are our busiest months and we can usually accommodate your fishing needs.

Shared Expense Fishing Charters on 6 passenger boats in Orange Beach.

We make a daily list of those people who want to go on a boat that only has 6 people maximum on board. We do our best to put your group with other groups but sometimes we get an odd number of people requesting to go fishing and we may have to put the group on a boat that carries more than six people. We will do our best to get you on a six passenger boat if you request. Please understand, the captains will not usually take you fishing unless they have a full boat or a total of six passengers. Prices start at $185 per person for 6 hours with 6 people.

We keep a calendar of people wanting to share the expense of a 6 passenger boat. If we get enough people to make a trip, we will give you a call to set it up.
If you would like to be listed on the calendar, please call us, or email us.
877-783-3474 -- 251-981-3733 --

Shared Expense Fishing Charters That Fish On Multi-passenger boats in Gulf Shores.

Again, we make daily lists of people who want to go fishing and do not mind if the boat has more than 6 people on it. We do our best to put your group with other groups to get at least a minimum number of people on the boat so the captain will take the trip. There is usually a minimum of 10 people on a boat. Some boats carry as many as 23 people at a time.

When you call us, please let us know if you don't mind fishing with other people or larger groups.

Types Of Fishing You Do On A Shared Expense Charter

On 6 hour or longer bottom fishing trips, we do high speed trolling off the back of the boat. We troll until we get to our first spot for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Wahoo, or Mahi Mahi. Once we get to the first spot, we will bottom fish for Red Snapper, Trigger, Vermillion Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, White Snapper, etc.


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